COVID-19 Will Continue To Kill, Unless Everyone Completes The Vaccine Process

But only 23% of Black and 33% of Latinx people are certain they would accept a vaccine if offered one today.

246 Million People

We can’t achieve Herd Immunity with less than 75% vaccine participation

3x Mortality Rate

Minorities are 3 times more likely to die from COVID than white counterparts


Projected one-year post-hospitalization costs for those who recover from COVID-19

Historical Approaches to mass-inoculation haven’t worked, and we’re running out of time to implement a new, proven approach.

It starts with understanding the people you serve on a deeper level than age, name, and social security number. With an understanding of the culture and lives of the people you serve, you can build the trust needed to achieve compliance.

But Trust takes time and expertise to build.

ConsejoSano is the ideal partner to help you build trust. We know what works because we’ve done it (over and over again).

Are you ready to serve your people?

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