Press Release: ConsejoSano’s Abner Mason Selected for AMA Equity and Innovation Advisory Group


ConsejoSano’s Abner Mason Selected for AMA Equity and Innovation Advisory Group

L.A.-based health tech CEO’s appointment highlights importance of language, culture in health equity

North Hollywood, CA – August 12, 2021 – Abner Mason, founder and CEO of ConsejoSano, a health equity-focused engagement company, has joined the newly formed American Medical Association (AMA) External Equity and Innovation Advisory Group, bringing his expertise in diversity and communication to the fight for health equity.  The advisory group is an extension of the AMA’s recently released plan to address equity and racial justice in healthcare, which includes instilling equity into the AMA’s policies and practices, forging coalitions with marginalized groups, fostering innovation, rooting out the causes of inequity, and acknowledging the truth about healthcare’s past while finding a way forward.

Two keys to this plan, and to the overall narrative about health equity and structural racism, are language and culture — defining the terms around these issues to craft a shared foundation that should lead to mutual understanding, collaboration, and ultimately a solution.  Mason’s work for the advisory group will focus on keeping language and culture at the forefront, enabling stakeholders to connect on health equity in a way that hopefully will produce meaningful and long-lasting results.

To accomplish this, Mason will draw on his long history in cultural diversity and health equity. In 2018, he founded Health Tech 4 Medicaid (HT4M), a non-profit coalition tasked with creating technology for Medicaid programs. He is a member of the Founder’s Council of U.S. of Care, a non-profit started by former CMS administrator Andy Slavitt aimed at improving health care access, and is on the board of both the California Black Health Network (CBHN), an organization dedicated to advancing health equity for all Black Californians, and Manifest MedEx, California’s largest health information exchange. Mason also recently served on the Biden-Harris Campaign Policy Committee, ensuring that health equity was a priority as the future administration outlined their platform. Before launching ConsejoSano, he founded both the Workplace Wellness Council of Mexico and the AIDS Responsibility Project. Mason was appointed by President Bush to the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS in 2002, and was chief policy advisor to Massachusetts Governors Paul Cellucci and Jane Swift.

“There are myriad challenges in leveraging language and culture to address health inequities, from using accurate and fully descriptive terminology, to understanding how culture influences perceptions of healthcare, to acknowledging that language and culture, like healthcare, are constantly evolving,” said AMA Chief Health Equity Officer Aletha Maybank, M.D., M.P.H. “I look forward to Abner’s insights and contributions as we and the other group members tackle these issues together.”

“Health equity is perhaps the most critical health issue of our time because it affects our ability to successfully address other public health crises, epidemics, and pandemics we may face as a country,” said Mason. “I’m privileged to be working with so many brilliant minds under Dr. Maybank’s leadership, and I look forward to seeing the positive role we’ll play in improving health equity.”


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