America is multicultural, but healthcare isn’t. We’re changing that.

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Our mission

ConsejoSano is a cultural connections company. We partner with health plans to deliver an insights driven, personalized member experience through culturally and linguistically aligned member preferences. We build trust and relationships powered by our expertise and technology, so that your members can get the care they need, when they need it.

The people who have trusted us so far

“The overall campaign success for closing the care gap for non-compliant members in the five-month campaign period was between 25% and 31%.”

VP & Chief Medical Officer Blue Shield of California, Promise Health Plan

“We completed a campaign to improve gap closures and had a 59% success rate. Our no-show rates dropped by an estimated 23% to 15%.”

Executive Chief Medical Officer Borrego Health

“Partnering with ConsejoSano to re-envision our new member onboarding process has not only increased member retention rates, but generated actionable member social determinants data, which we’re using to create better health outcomes.”

VP Marketing, Medicaid, Public Plans & Corporate Business Diversity Officer Tufts Health Plan